Two Legged Experience - The Four Directions

Dr. Yuria Celidwen

Yuria Celidwen is a native of Indigenous Nahua and Maya descent, born into a family of mystics, healers, poets, and explorers from the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. In her Ph.D. and subsequent scholarly research, she focuses on the intersection of Indigenous studies, cultural psychology, and contemplative science. Yuria’s work at the United Nations supports international humanitarian efforts for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Dr. Yuria Celidwen - Speaking

Patricia James

Patricia James - Speaking

Patricia James is a Medicine Woman of Seminole heritage. Patricia was adopted by Eugene Blackbear Sr. and traditionally trained as a Cheyenne Pipe Carrier and Priest. She is a cross-cultural expert whose work is informed by a three-decade mentorship with Angeles Arrien and initiation in multiple indigenous spiritual traditions, and Transpersonal healing modalities including Breathwork.

Cynthia M Ruiz

Cynthia M. Ruiz is a Professor, Best-selling Author (8 books), Executive Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Leadership Expert. Cynthia has received over 75 accolades and awards for her leadership and service to the city of Los Angeles. She currently serves as Commission President for LACERS (Los Angeles City Employee Retirement System) overseeing a multibillion-dollar pension portfolio. She is a Latina and Native American, Cherokee, living in Los Angeles.

Cynthia M Ruiz - Speaking

Mahina Nani

Mahina Nani- Speaking

Mahina Nani was born into a bloodline of Ancient Hawaiian Healers that is centuries old and carries the wisdom teachings of Ho’o’pono’pono. In this interview, Mahani shares the meaning of H’o’pono’pono. By learning to take full responsibility for our actions and opening to the power of forgiveness, we can step into “right relationship” with ourselves and those around us. 

Apela Colorado

Dr. Apela Colorado is Oneida-Gaul and a traditional cultural practitioner and indigenous scientist. She is dedicated to bridging dialogue between Western thought and indigenous worldview. In January 2022, at the United Nations’ University for Peace in Costa Rica, she launches the Indigenous Science and Peace Studies (ISPS) Master’s program. Her new book, Woman Between the Worlds, is available now.

Apela Colorado - Speaking

Dr. Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey Crowley

Dr. Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey Crowley - Speaking

Born on Hawaii’s rural North Shore and raised by native Hawaiian elders, Dr. Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey Crowley, Hawaiian elder, became the first Polynesian Explorer and female Fellow in the history of the National Geographic Society. She is a cultural anthropologist and award-winning filmmaker who travels to the world’s most remote regions as a conservationist of indigenous wisdom and an advocate for social, environmental, and cultural justice.

Shylah Ray Sunshine

Shylah Ray Sunshine is an award-nominated influential vocalist, musician, mother, and Soul Voice Singing coach. An Algonquin native of Canada, a move to California transpired creativity after years of singing karaoke, open mics, world travel and the birth of her first daughter at home. She began writing and sharing her music in the Los Angeles area, which would lead her to rapid success by composing a range of music that would be featured in film, documentaries, and several social media platforms to be recognized.

Shylah Ray Sunshine - Speaking

Teresa Tepania-Ashton

Teresa Tepania-Ashton - Speaking

Teresa Tepania-Ashton (Maori Elder/Leader) was the CEO of Te Rūnanga-a-Iwi o Ngāpuhi from 2004 – 2011. Today she is CEO of Māori Women’s Development Incorporated, an inspirational and incredibly well-resourced organisation that provides loans and wrap around support for Wāhine Māori in business, and their whānau.

Alexis Bunten

Alexis Bunten (Aleut/Yup’ik) has served as a manager, consultant and applied researcher for Indigenous, social and environmental programming for over 15 years. After receiving a BA in Art History at Dartmouth College, Alexis returned to Alaska, where she worked at the Sealaska Heritage Institute, and the Alaska Native Heritage Center in programming. Subsequently, Alexis earned a PhD in Cultural Anthropology at UCLA, and has served as the Project Ethnographer for the Intellectual Property Issues in Cultural Heritage (IPinCH) project, and as a Senior Researcher at the FrameWorks Institute.

Alexis Bunten - Speaking

Elder Lys Kruiper

Lys Kruiper - Speaking

Lys Kruiper is a well-respected South African leader, Healer, and Elder of the Khomani San community. She is the daughter of the late San Traditional leader, Dawid Kruiper. She speaks the traditional Nama language and Afrikaans. Elder Lys was recently acknowledged with the first-place award for her ancestral healing results, The proceeds from this award went to support her community in the Kalahari Desert.

Basil Brave Heart

Basil Brave Heart is an Oglala Lakota, one of the most respected Elders who lives in Pine Ridge, in Whiteclay, Nebraska. A decorated Korean War veteran, he holds a Bachelor of Science with a major in English and a minor in Biology, a master’s degree in Psychology and Counseling, and a master’s degree in Education Administration. During this time, he has been teaching about the paradigm shift we are seeing now, based on the wisdom of his grandmother, who first taught him the importance of forgiveness in 1938. He is the author of The Spiritual Journey of A Brave Heart (2011).

Basil Brave Heart - Speaking

Diane Longboat

Dane Longboat - Speaking

Kahontakwas Diane Longboat, BA, BEd, MEd is a member of the Turtle Clan, Mohawk Nation at Six Nations Grand River Territory, Canada, and a citizen of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. She is a ceremonial leader, traditional teacher, and healer. Since 2013, Diane has served as Elder for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), .

Hasina Kharbhih

Hasina is the Founder and Chairperson of Impulse NGO Network. Having spent over two decades in this sector, Hasina is considered one of the leading figures in the fight against human trafficking in India, as well as South and South East Asia.

Hasina Kharbhih - Speaking

Keikilaniwahinealiiopuna (Puna) Kalama Dawson

Keikilaniwahinealiiopuna (Puna) Kalama Dawson - Speaking

Keikilaniwahinealiiopuna (Puna) Kalama Dawson lives on Kauai, Hawaii. As record keeper of the Hawaiian culture and history, she is an internationally honored elder of the Hawaiian islands. Her family-roots take her far back in time. Her direct ancestors are found in the royal family of the time of the Hawaiian kingdom, as well as in the lineages of the hula masters (kahula), the lua masters (kalua) and the seers (kahuna). Puna travels in the footprints of her ancestors (amongst other destinations) to Europe to strengthen the cultural bridges and to support world peace.

Audri Scott Williams

Audri Scott Williams is the first woman to lead a global walk for Human Rights and Environmental Justice, leading the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk over 6 continents (2005-2009). Audri is the first African/Native American woman to run for Congress in Alabama, District 2. She is a licensed minister and Spiritual Director in the New Thought Movement at the Spiritual Enrichment Center in Dothan, Alabama.

Audri Scott Williams - Speaking

Kokomon Clottey

Kokomon Clottey - Speaking

Kokomon Clottey is a celebrated and accomplished individual, whose many successes are diverse in medium and subject. Despite the different approaches Kokomon’s projects take, they each carry a perpetual theme in their objective: to make the world a better place by bringing people together in the cultivation of peace.

Conversation coming soon.

Manari Ushigua

Manari is a traditional healer and leader —the akameno (authority)—of his nationality. He is from the Sápara Nation in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The Sápara Nation of Ecuador is recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” because their language and culture are in danger of disappearing.

Conversation coming soon.

Manari Ushigua - Speaking

Haru Kuntanawa

Haru Kuntanawa - Speaking

Haru, Kuntanawa of Amazon, Brazil is recognized by many indigenous people of Brazil as one of the most influential young leaders of his time. His strong presence, compassionate heart and expressive influence has changed and restored the faith of his people and surrounding villages that reside along the banks of Acre, Brazil. Haru met with the Twelve Tribes Alliance in Acre and promoted a big alliance between the people.