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Anita’s Keynote Topics

Anita Sanchez, Ph.D., Aztec and Mexican-American, is a transformational speaker and leadership consultant, coach and author of the new international bestselling book, “The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times from Simon & Schuster. Her keynotes have inspired standing ovations from audiences of thousands. Anita bridges indigenous teachings with the latest science to inspire and equip women, and men, to enjoy meaningful, empowered lives and careers. With four decades of experience coaching and training executives and their teams in dozens of Fortune 500 companies, governmental groups and non-governmental agencies.

Anita Sanchez's Keynote Topics

As an established leader in global organizational change, Anita is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council with luminaries such as Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson and John Gray, as well as a member of the Association of Transformational Leaders and the Evolutionary Business Council. Anita also serves on the Boards of the Bioneers organization and the Pachamama Alliance, for whom she leads an annual journey to dream culture tribes deep in the Amazon rainforest.

You Can’t Google Wisdom

Transformational business consultant and indigenous author Dr. Anita Sanchez says it’s time to put down our smartphones and truly connect with each other. “We do not need more information,” she says. “What we’re hurting for is wisdom.” Anita shares the wisdom of the Elders in her new book, “The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times.”

Discovering Harmony in an Era of #MeToo

Drawing on decades of experience transforming relationships between women and men at work, Dr. Sanchez speaks to the challenges of facing our history and reaching for a new story as enthusiastic, aware, and proactive partners within and across gender at work. We are in a moment of great opportunity, when our hopes can outreach our hurts and our vision of a generative future together can transform workplaces and society.

Business Innovators Start with a Dream

Anita Sanchez - Business Innovators Start with a Dream

Does your company culture feel stuck and uninspired? Are working relationships strained? Is productivity less than ideal? Author and transformational business consultant Dr. Anita Sanchez invites companies to imagine what it would look like if everything were great. This process of “dreaming” can create just the shift your business needs to succeed.

The Power of Unity

The gift of unity supports our ability to be in right relation and connection with all beings. Unity means oneness; everything is connected to everything else. When we work with any one part of the circle, the whole circle is affected. Transformational leadership consultant and author Dr. Anita Sanchez shares the wisdom of the world’s Elders from her new book, “The Four Sacred Gifts.”

Anita Sanchez - The Power of Unity

Wisdom From the 2%

Native Americans are only about 2% of the total population of the United States, but that 2% holds wisdom about how to survive genocide, how to survive your land being taken, and how to survive institutions that are in place to hold you down. Theirs is a story of resilience in the face of overwhelming adversity. Aztec Mexican-American author and speaker Dr. Anita Sanchez talks about changing the Native American story to one of empowerment and connection.

The Four Elements of Healing

Author and leadership consultant Dr. Anita Sanchez shares the four basic elements of healing that can be used in any situation: listening, supportive relationships, unconditional love, and committing to change/positive action.

The Power to Forgive the Unforgivable

In her book “The Four Sacred Gifts,” Dr. Anita Sanchez shares the call from the Elders to receive the gift of forgiving the unforgivable. Through indigenous wisdom and her own experience of trauma, Anita offers all of us the opportunity to be free of the past and fully embrace the lives we have been given.

Wisdom is Power

Anita Sanchez - Wisdom is Power

When we allow ourselves to be quiet enough to listen to the wisdom in our lives, from Elders and from within, we give ourselves the opportunity to experience transformation. Aztec Mexican-American author and coach Dr. Anita Sanchez shares tools and tips from her new book, “The Four Sacred Gifts.”

Breaking Business Silence Around Race

When it comes to gender inequality or the treatment of LGBTQ people in the workplace, many executives have spoken out on these issues. However, as the Black Lives Matter movement formed in response to a national string of killings of unarmed black people, the silence from American businesses was deafening. Transformational business consultant Dr. Anita Sanchez talks about the importance of recognizing our connection and not staying silent and offers tips for how to create an inclusive workplace.

Anita Sanchez - Breaking Business Silence Around Race

Forgiveness as Spiritual Alchemy

Anita Sanchez - Forgiveness as Spiritual Alchemy

Aztec Mexican-American author Dr. Anita Sanchez describes forgiveness as “an empowering act of spiritual alchemy, a powerful medicine transforming the hurt into a source of deeper compassion and relationship with oneself and others in the hoop of life.” She shares tips for how to receive the gift of forgiveness from her book, “The Four Sacred Gifts.”

How to Create a Life of Unity

As an individual, how can each of us take steps to create more unity in our lives? Aztec Mexican-American author and transformational leadership consultant Dr. Anita Sanchez offers tips from her new book, “The Four Sacred Gifts.”

Anita Sanchez - How to Create a Life of Unity

Nature’s Medicine

In the Amazon rainforest, the indigenous people draw directly on nature for healing. They draw on the plants, water, and minerals that surround them to cure wounds, fevers, and disease. As Aztec Mexican-American author Dr. Anita Sanchez shares in her new book, “The healing process reflects indigenous belief that life is interconnected and everything needed is available within and around us to heal injuries on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.”

What is Hope?

Author and indigenous thought leader Dr. Anita Sanchez helps us to understand what hope is and how it can transform our lives. “When we open to hope, it is possible to release the pressure and desire to know everything, the need to think we are in control.”