Two Legged Experience - Mission

Our Intention

Our mission is to ensure the indigenous voice is represented and heard inside the media.

To achieve this, we will create a database of 10-15 top indigenous leaders and experts who, with their lineage and wisdom, present unique solutions to our most pressing global issues.

What We Will Do

Two Legged Experience - Indigenous Leader
  • Each indigenous leader has a unique wisdom, a part of the sustainable, regenerative solutions to our global situation.
  • Each leader will have a media-friendly online press kit, built and managed by Wasabi Publicity; a destination for journalists to discover leaders with messages for their stories.
  • Wasabi Publicity monitors the press and pitches indigenous messengers where and when they are relevant.
  • Wasabi Publicity books media interviews for indigenous leaders, and provides media training.

Our Hope

Through this initiative, there will be a fundamental shift in the cultural conversation.

From one of separation and illusions, to one of connections, highlighting the powerful indigenous wisdom that provides the path to ensuring our (and the planet’s) survival.